Benefits of Using MEP Modeling in Adaptive Reuse Projects

3 min readJun 24, 2021


Increased concerns about sustainability coupled with changes in lifestyles and business practices have changed the way we look at buildings design. The covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the changes and increased demand for certain building types while others are lying vacant. For instance, due to the increase of work from home practices owing to the covid-19 restrictions, a lot of office spaces are lying vacant.

With the gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions and the return of semblance of normality, there is an urgent need to repurpose or reuse our existing building infrastructure to address today’s concerns. Repurposing of existing buildings is however an investment decision. Thus, there are several aspects which you need to consider before going ahead.

In this regard, technological solutions like architectural BIM services can help in repurposing or modifying our existing building by helping you create a virtual 3D model of your proposed design before construction begins. One of the important aspects of any building is the MEP system. It is important to create a sound model of the MEP system for making a building livable. MEP BIM modeling can help in this respect by offering an accurate and clash-coordinated 3D model of the MEP system which can help reduce waste during the construction phase.

Here is a lowdown on the application of BIM solutions like architectural BIM services and MEP modeling in adaptive reuse projects.

Improving Resource Efficiency- The number of resources used by a building during the construction operations phase can be a major cause of concern. With growing concerns about the sustainability in the construction industry, there is an urgent need to reduce the amount of energy and water used during the construction and operation phases of the building. This is where BIM solutions like BIM modeling can help. By using BIM, it is possible to predict the exact quantity of different materials to be used in the construction phase. This can not only reduce unnecessary costs but also reduce the amount of waste generated.

MEP BIM Modeling can be used to identify the impact of different MEP components on the amount of energy and water used by the building. BIM can also be used to orient the building in a way that maximizes the use of ambient light- thus reducing energy consumption in the process.

Quick Project Approval- Leading BIM provider Comply with National and international standards while offering MEP BIM modeling. This ensures that you can quickly get clearance of a project from the local authorities and start your construction activities with minimal delay.

Optimize MEP Layout- Laying out the MEP system consumes more material than necessary when they haven’t been planned properly. However, with modeling you do not have to worry about these factors as it helps to ensure a proper layout great planning process. In addition to optimizing the MEP layout, MEP Bim modeling can help in the reduction of project costs as well.

Thus, professional help from a BIM company offering MEP modeling and BIM services can help time and cost on your adaptive reuse projects.




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