Strategies for a resilient construction business

3 min readJun 16, 2021

The covid-19 pandemic has gotten an unprecedented description for the construction industry. Reduced economic activity owing to the covid-19 has decreased the demand for new residential and non-residential projects. Along with the reduced demand for new projects the industry is also struggling with high inventory levels of induced and unsold properties. The covid-19 pandemic has also insured supply chain disruptions and a shortage of skilled labor. Owing to these factors, revenue, productivity, and profitability of the industry which was also already suffering before the pandemic has plummeted to new lows.

All this calls for a strategic re-think of how we have traditionally manage our construction projects. To bounce back from the current situation, it is important for the construction business is to be resilient. Resiliency can be bought into the construction business by accelerating the pace of digital transformation through the adoption of revolutionary technologies. Technological solutions like architectural BIM services, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Robotics, virtual reality, etc. can accelerate the pace of digital transformation and make the construction business Resilient. together these Technologies can empower their human counterparts and drive up the productivity of the construction business. Listed here are some of the strategies that can help the construction business become more resilient.

The Accelerated Pace of Digitization- The construction businesses across the spectrum have to adopt digitization and that too at a very rapid pace. Technological solutions like architectural BIM services are already being widely adopted to transform the design process and reduce coordination issues. The need of the hour is to not restrict the power of Bim within the confines of the four walls. To ramp up productivity further, it is important to use other technologies like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing to further augment the power of BIM.

Cultural Transformation- Technological solutions like architectural BIM services, AI, robotics and cloud, etc. it is also important to address the misconceptions surrounding these technologies. the digital disruptive Technologies stock above are meant to increase the productivity at construction sites and not eliminate the need for human laborers as is commonly misrepresented. Instead, these technologies would further augment human capabilities by taking over menial and repetitive jobs. The human laborers need to understand the implications of these technologies and reskill themselves on technological solutions like Revit BIM architectural modeling services, VR, etc.

Supply Chain Integration- Construction businesses have already examined their supply networks in light of the epidemic. Supply networks must be strengthened urgently in the future. Recruiting direct labor, creating backup distribution networks, and developing inventories are just a few of the procedures. To decrease risks and boost efficiency, increasing vertical integration and consolidation across the value chain is required. In this respect technologies like in internet of things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and architectural BIM services can help in consolidating and integrating the entire supply chain. Information from the blockchain, AI and IoT can be fed into the 3D model generated by Revit BIM architectural modeling services to generate accurate cost forecasts.

Control Tower- Resource allocation will be a key concern for the construction sector in the future years. The construction business will need to make trade-offs between projects and assets while also relying on reliable data across the board. As a result, there is an even larger requirement for a central monitoring function to keep track of concerns throughout the supply chain. Disruptive digital technological solutions like Big Data, IoT, and AI have a key role here as well. Data from these technologies can be fed to 3D BIM models offered by Revit BIM architectural modeling services to offer greater insights.

For the economy to recover from the current crisis and expand in the future, a healthy and productive construction sector is essential. This necessitates the construction industry’s greater resilience. Digital disruptive technological offerings like architectural BIM services can not only make the industry more resilient but also ramp up productivity and reduce risks.




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