Why should you use Rebar Detailing service?

3 min readJun 3, 2021


Digital technologies have disrupted every aspect of our life. There is no industry that has remained untouched from the disruptive effects of technology. The effect of disruptive technologies also felt in the world of the construction industry. The advent of BIM engineering services has brought in a revolution in the construction industry. BIM Engineering services facilitate greater collaboration among the construction stakeholders. BIM also allows the stakeholders to have a few of their visions in a 3D version in the design phase. BIM can also help in detecting classes during the design phase and rectifying those so as to help the completion of the project within the constraints of time and money.

BIM also offers accurate estimates of the number of different materials. This can be immensely helpful as it can help in accurate management of the inventory and also predicting the cost of the project with greater accuracies. BIM also offers several other advantages like time scheduling of the project and estimating its energy requirement. the application or the benefits offered by BIM does not end in the design phase. Instead, BIM can offer benefits throughout the construction project from its design to its construction and its operation. The 3D model of the project generated for the application of BIM Engineering services can help in the operation and maintenance of the project.

In this regard, BIM can be also applied to offer Rebar Detailing Services. Are you looking for a trusted company that can offer rebar detailing services? Any construction manager or structural engineer knows that estimating the bar bending schedule can be a daunting task. RC drafting can easily go wrong and if such a thing happens then it can be a headache as it will give rise to a long series of reworks.in many countries bar bending schedule is expensive. This is because in those countries there is no practice of preparing drawings for the placement of rebars. Thus, those countries have no idea about how to prepare bar bending schedules in the correct manner.

Some of the main objectives for performing rebar detailing are listed below-

  1. Rebar detailing service can help in preparing an error-free and seamless bar bending schedule
  2. For preparing a detailed drawing depicting the rebar placements.
  3. For performing analytics of Rebar wastage
  4. Rebar detailing can help in reducing the scrap present at the drawing level
  5. By using the rebar detailing service, the structural engineer can verify the conversion of design intent into rebar drawing guides. This can help in the perfect placement of rebars without any issues.

Thus, it is quite certain that a reputed company offering rebar detailing services or other BIM services is our ultimate refuge and the way to go forward. However, With so many companies on the foray, it can be quite challenging to figure out the right company to offer you BIM Engineering Services. It is suggested that you should do proper research before selecting your ideal BIM partner. Ivan Dimensions is always there to assist you at each step of this process.




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