The Best Way to Execute MEP Coordination Modeling

3 min readNov 18, 2021


An important stage under MEP Bim modeling is MEP coordination. Under MEP coordination the models of the mechanical plumbing and electrical components are integrated together in an efficient manner. Thus, MEP coordination helps to ensure that there are no classes among these components in the construction phase. MEP coordination modeling, therefore, forms an important step of MEP Bim modeling.

However, creating the perfect MEP model that is well-coordinated is not an easy task. It is a given prerequisite that the modelers have to be very attentive during the coordination process. This is because even simple coordination issues that go undetected during this phase will have severe ramifications in the form of time and cost escalations during the construction phase.

However, the providers of BIM modeling coordinate the different MEP components to ensure that there are no clashes between them. Ideas of architectural Bim services ensure that there are no coordination issues between the structural and the architectural components of the building. Further, providers of architectural Bim services ensure that there are no coordination issues between the structural and the architectural components of the building.

Previously the work of engineers and Architects used to be tough. They had to sit through piles of architectural drawings and the drawings of other individual building components to check if there were clashes. However, things have changed with the introduction of building information modeling. Now, the providers of architectural Bim services and MEP Bim make use of software like Revit, AutoCAD, etc. to help in the process of coordination checking.

BIM not only helps the Architects and engineers model in an efficient manner but also increases the coordination among the different team members. Further, the model made using Bim can be used to create detailed reports about the number of different components required for the construction. The models made using BIM can be further used to create detailed 2D drawings that can be used for construction.

If you do not have the in-house capability of using building information modeling then it is best to connect with an BIM provider. By connecting with a reputed provider of BIM you can have the following benefits-

Evaluation of architectural, MEP, and structural drawings- Your selected partner will first evaluate the different individual drawings of the building and its components offered by you.

Create Model- Based on your inputs and other design specifications including LOD requirements, our modelers will create an accurate 3D model of your building along with its components.

Clash coordination- Once the models of the individual components are created, your selected team will check them to look for clashes and other coordination issues. For doing this most architectural BIM services providers make use of dedicated software that makes the work easy and hassle-free.

Creating detailed drawings- After your selected BIM provider has created a detailed coordinated model of the entire building, it will be generating a detailed 2D model. The detailed 2D model can help the ground workers construct faster and with lesser hassles.

Detailed BOM reports- Your selected MEP BIM modeling provider can also offer you a detailed report about the number of components to be used in the construction. This can further help you create accurate budget forecasts.

So, the BIM company you select can offer you a lot of benefits including time and cost savings. This can help you ensure a profit and bring in operational efficiency. To know more, connect with an BIM modeling company now.




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