Revit’s List of Dynamic Adaptive Components

3 min readJul 20, 2021


As a building information Modelling software, Autodesk Revit is often used by architects and designers to create 2D and 3D models of the building containing a plethora of real-life information. The introduction of Revit has simplified the process of construction by helping in understanding the performance and the design of the building before actual construction begins. by looking at the 3D model generated by Revit BIM architectural modeling services, the stakeholders can make necessary design changes before the starting of construction.

By using the tools offered by Revit, the Architects and engineers can deliver quality work within a short period. Components needed to design construction parts, such as furniture and plumbing fittings, are often supplied and installed on-site. They aid architects in comprehending the arrangement of furniture within structures, and the adaptable component functionality manages the components’ flexibility in adapting to the conceptual design context. Pattern panel families, adaptable component families, the conceptual massing environment, and projects can all benefit from these components.

Adaptive Components

All architects and engineers who use the Revit BIM architectural modeling services to create a building information model for digital representation must be confident about how the design environment should operate about the building’s components. The adaptable component in Revit is only a feature that comes into action and functions similarly to a Revit family that, when added to a project or family and hosted to an object, merges with that object.

Adaptive components are a useful tool because they enable us to design dynamic adaptive components in Revit that can have infinite forms of a family instead of infinite kinds of a family with changeable parameter values. This feature allows each component to bend in response to the position of its adaptive points.

Three Types of Revit Families

System Families

Because this sort of family is already built into the Revit program and is available in every project, the user cannot uninstall or load a different version of the system family. Revit has complete control over the components created by a system family, which can include a basic wall, curtain wall, floor, or stair.

Loadable Families

This sort of family enables the user to load their version of a family into a project and control it according to their needs. The created items can be 2D or serve as a template for forms from other families, such as a window, door, beam, or detail component. You can access this family by using architectural BIM services offered by a leading BIM company.

In-place Families

This version of family allows you to construct your own family from inside the Revit project, however, it cannot include any types. They’re useful for items that you’ll just use once.

The following steps would guide you to using adaptive components in Revit projects

  • In a curtain panel, in-place masses, and in the project environment, embed the adaptive model into another adaptive component.
  • Fill a design component, mass, or project with the adaptive model.
  • Drag the component family into the drawing area from the project browser.
  • Place the model’s adaptable points in the design.
  • Reload the adaptive component model if necessary.

The specification of adaptable points, which play a fundamental part in drawing geometry by snapping to these flexible points and resulting in an adapted component, is a critical part of adaptable components.

Have you been using these adaptive components in your projects? If the answer is no, then it is high time for you to connect with a leading BIM company offering adaptive components under architectural BIM services. Not only that, a leading BIM company can offer you a lot of other services that can help you design, and construct your projects of robust quality in record time.




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