Advantages that Scan to BIM offers for as-built Modeling

3 min readApr 14, 2021



An important offering under architectural BIM services, Scan to BIM is the process of using 3D laser scanners to capture the as-is condition of the building as point cloud data which can then be used to create a 3D BIM model. The 3D BIM model thus generated can depict the as-is condition of the building or structure. These days Scan-to-BIM services can have multiple applications including documentation, renovation, facility management, refurbishment works, etc. Additionally, scan-to-BIM can also be used for as-built modeling.

As-built Modeling

As-built models reflect the buildings in their current state. These models can help in taking note of the changes that occur during the construction process and take note of the differences between original plans and final project outcomes. Along with keeping a note of all the changes in the location of components, as-built models also help in recording material differences, fabrications, dimensions, etc. These models can also serve as proof for the contractors to corroborate on the changes in construction projects.

Advantages offered by Scan-to-BIM

The greatest advantage of scan-to-BIM is its reliability in executing refurbishment, facility management, or renovation projects of a building. By offering accurate information, any leading scan to BIM service provider helps in making a better decision about execution or alteration of projects. By creating a BIM model from the point cloud data, leading scan to BIM service provider ensures greater transparency and collaboration between the stakeholders. Greater transparency and collaboration amongst the stakeholders lead to lesser errors owing to misinformation.

Additionally, by employing tools to the generated BIM model it is possible to detect and eliminate hard, soft, and workflow clashes which could otherwise lead to reworks or budget overruns. Further, leading scan to BIM service providers can also ensure sustainable construction by performing a thorough analysis of the building components to know the condition of building materials and reuse the same if possible. Finally, leading scan to BIM service provider offers all the information that AEC professionals might require to save time and cost by avoiding reruns at the construction site.

Using Scan-to-BIM for as-built Modeling

After constructing a building, many AEC companies use scan-to-BIM for creating point cloud data of the constructed structure. The point cloud data thus generated is used for updating the existing BIM model by incorporating the onsite changes. The accurate and high-quality as-built models offered under architectural BIM services ensure that subsequent actions are error-free. As compared to traditional surveying techniques which are often inaccurate and time-consuming, the scan-to-BIM process offers radical benefits. With the help of high-frequency 3D lasers, it is possible to capture even the minutest element of building design and construction.

Thus, scan to BIM can help create accurate as-built models using laser scanning and thus bring quality and accuracy to the final output. This process can ultimately lead to the delivery of better end goals.




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