3D BIM Modeling Services for Efficient Management of Construction Lifecycle

3 min readAug 27, 2021

People often think of BIM as any other computer-aided design program. However, the reality is far from this. BIM is a process that can be used for shaping the entire design process. BIM can be referred to as an architectural process of virtual construction and design. With BIM it is possible to integrate all the information to create a model that manages the entire process from design to post-construction.

3D BIM modeling services offered by BIM companies for instance offer a virtual 3D model of the project in the pre-construction phase. The 3D parametric model is created using different BIM software like Revit, Tekla, ArchiCAD, etc. The 3D model generated is a virtual representation of a project that is planned for construction. BIM helps to integrate the different systems like structural, architectural, electrical, and mechanical in the design phase and thus detect and resolve clashes in the design phase.

Thus, through 3D BIM modeling services, BIM companies offer an accurate and clash-coordinated 3D model of the building that helps avoid clashes or redesign issues in the construction phase. Before BIM, the engineers and modelers compared 2D drawings of different systems to figure out classhes. However, it is not possible to visualize all 3D clashes in a 2D drawing. As a result, most of the clashes got detected on-site which led to delays and reworks. Solving clashes on-site also led to cost and time escalations.

Along with clash detection, the 3D BIM model offers several other benefits. For instance, the 3D BIM model offered by BIM companies under 3D BIM modeling services can help in the energy estimation of the building and also offer an accurate material and cost estimate. Further, with BIM it is possible to create a detailed project schedule and use it to track project progression through time. The detailed project schedule can help in visualizing and resolving bottlenecks in project execution.

The 3D BIM model offered under 3D BIM modeling services can also act as a database containing all pertinent data related to a project. For instance, with the BIM model, you will be able to know the thickness, raw material, fire protection rating of a wall. You can get all the relevant information about a building component by just clicking on it in the BIM model. You can also get all the statistical data pertinent to a building component.

The BIM model can help contractors to phase their construction activities. Integrating geological site data with the 3D BIM model generated by the 3D BIM modeling service, the contractors can examine the site conditions and plan the entire construction activity sequence even without visiting the site. The benefits offered by BIM do not end with the pre-construction and construction phase. Instead, the benefits offered by Building Information modeling extends to the post-construction and demolition phase as well. Accurate information offered by the BIM model can help in carrying out repair and maintenance activities on the building in a seamless manner. It can also help to understand the condition of different building components and carry out preventive maintenance activities to keep the building in healthy condition.




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